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Dr. Vahid Bayati OT center

Occupational therapist - clinical anatomist

Specialized occupational therapy for children
Member of the academic staff of Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences
Clinic services

Evaluating children in occupational therapy

Evaluating children is one of the most important ways to diagnose disability or delay in their development, which is done based on the age of the child

developmental delay

A developmental delay refers to a child who has not gained the developmental skills expected of him or her, compared to others of the same age

Fine motor skills

One of the services at Dr. Bayati's OT center is training and increasing the efficiency of fine motor skills. Fine motor skills include the use of muscles

Teaching activities of daily living (ADL) to children

One of the main goals of occupational therapy for children is to teach and improve the efficiency of the child's daily activities independently. In fact, children after occupational therapy

Dr. Bayati OT center

Occupational therapist-clinical anatomist

Specialized occupational therapy for children
Member of the academic staff of Ahvaz University of Medical Sciences
Has many records in the field of treatment of physical-motor occupational therapy for children and adults
Your comments
My son was suffering from hyperactivity and things became very difficult for us. I really didn't know how to treat him. We used to see a psychiatrist, but it still didn't work. We went to Dr. Bayati's OT center. What was interesting to me in the OT center, in addition to training my son, they also held counseling sessions for me and my wife. The doctor taught us how to calm him down in critical situations. I would like to thank Dr. Bayati and other dear occupational therapists of the group.
When my son was diagnosed with autism, I had no hope. Thank God that Dr. Bayati with his exemplary perseverance and his professional team worked with my son and I witnessed a great improvement in my son's behavior. I sincerely appreciate the professional behavior of Dr. Vahid Bayati and the OT team.
I had movement problems with my legs for several years, I went to several physical rehabilitation centers, but still I had the problem. I went to Dr. Bayati and he worked with me patiently. every session, he gave me hope and did not let me get tired or unmotivated to continue training. I am really grateful.

Occupational therapy in the elderly

Occupational therapy for the elderly is carried out in Dr. Vahid Bayati Occupational Therapy Center with the aim of promoting individual independence and improving disabilities caused by illness

Teaching activities of daily living (ADL) in the elderly

Elderly people often get sick and unable to perform their daily activities due to aging. Occupational therapists at the occupational therapy center with

Aids and equipment in occupational therapy

Auxiliary equipment and tools in the field of occupational therapy and rehabilitation play an effective role in the recovery process and speed of clients. Dr. Bayati occupational therapy center with up-to-date equipment

Hand diseases in adults

One of the specialized fields of occupational therapists is helping people with diseases and lesions of the upper limbs, including shoulders, arms, elbows, forearms, wrists, and fingers

Meet the therapists

Occupational therapist Sepideh Rahimizadeh

Medical system number: K-D-3375, mental occupational therapist

Speech therapist Zahra Khorram Nazari

Medical system number: G-2634, speech therapist for children

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